Friday, December 31, 2010

So it begins

On this last day of 2010, it seems appropriate that I get a jump on the new year.  While I am not a big fan of resolutions, it seems like a good time to start blogging.  I have been kicking around the idea of blogging for a couple of months, with most of the consideration occurring while I was out running with the dogs.  So, why not make running the focus of this new adventure?  I am sure that the people I interact with on a daily basis will be appreciative of an outlet where I can discuss my running, my dogs, and anything else that is occupying my thoughts as to spare them having to listen to me talk about it.  Of course, I offer no guarantees.  Perhaps now they will have to listen to me blather on about blogging.  Who knows?

I entered my last run of 2010 into my training log today.  5.2 miles in twenty degree temps brought my total for the year to 2159.3 miles.  It was a good year of running: my highest mileage ever and my first sub-3 hour marathon (Chicago 10-10-10) are the highlights.  Of course, I plan on using this blog as a forum as I pursue some goals for 2011.

The first two goals for the new year are running well in the Canyonlands Half Marathon (3/19/11) and the Boston Marathon (4/18/11).  I aspire to set personal records in both events.  Of course, all I can do is prepare and hope for the best.  So prepare I will.  I am currently finishing up the third week of Pete Pfitzinger's 18/70 (18 weeks/ 70 mile week maximum) plan.  It is my second time using this training plan; the first of which garnered a 10:30 improvement of my marathon time.  Pfitz has planned the work, now I will work the plan.

After Boston, I will set my sights on the lofty goal of the Pike's Peak Ascent.  I have never run this event, but it is on my wish list, and, if all goes well, I will accomplish that goal this year.  I am sure that there will be other races, but the A-list is relatively short at this point.

Of course, I don't want this blog to be a glorified version of a training log.  I am hoping to create some interesting narratives regarding running, dadding, husbanding, cubscouting, and anything else that rattles around in my head as I am banging out the miles.

Happy new year!